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Why Should Anyone Be Led By You?

I've learned over the years that working in public education is a passion. Too many have tried it and realized they really weren't in tune with the work - it wasn't a passion. They didn't have the fire in their belly that pushed them out of bed each morning and off to face the kids, both young and small.

And those in public education who are in the classroom generally become those who do the leading. But do you ever wonder why teachers move up into leadership roles? Why are those leaders in those positions?

Leaders - do you ever stop to think - why should anyone be led by you?

What do you add to the system of public education? For some of us, the drive to help others become more effective in the work is the driver. For others, the intrinsic motivation around doing great by students and improving their lives does it. But each of us has to believe we're adding something to the system, from expertise in human resources to making lives easier with the use of technology - the success is in the narrative we are able to construct around our own work, our own lives, our own roles.

For many leaders, others follow because we are doing such amazingly inspiring work and it is noted. They want to be part of the team.

What do you think? Why should someone be led by you?

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