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Thanks, Lady Gaga, for launching a campaign that many of us can get behind. A campaign we can relate to.

Launched on Instagram over the weekend, Lady Gaga reminded us of what is so imperative about knowing ourselves in this ever-so-busy world...that while we can be many things, they do not define us. Granted, she has struggled with what many do - depression, anxiety, judgment, knowing who we really are inside, and I'm sure a great deal more that will be unveiled as this campaign unfolds.

What I like about this campaign and the focus is that we can all find some connection to it. Let's face it - regardless of how positive and influential, happy and loved we are, we are often judged....the way we walk down the street, the way we order coffee at Peet's, the way we order in a restaurant, the way we talk to our children when we pick them up in a hurry, the way we dress. I can go on and on because I've been there, just like each and every one of you.

As Lady Gaga described, over time she lost a sense of self. By refocusing on who she was at her core, by saying no and turning down endorsements, by not going to events and ensuring there was a sense of intentionality around her actions, appearances, and comments, she slowly rediscovered herself. She was reminded of who she is, her integrity, her passion, her opinions.

Here goes...

Your turn.

(....and thanks, Lady Gaga - I needed your message this week)

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