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Notice The Impact You've Made

It's February....half a school year is on the books. And what do you have to show for it?

If you're the typical educator, you have a great deal to show for it, but that humble pie will likely keep you from sharing a lot of it. Do you ever step back and look at what you've done? Do you take in the praise and gratitude bestowed upon you by others in your organization, or those observing you from afar?

Celebrating our own accomplishments doesn't come easily, especially for those of us who are female. Be in the imposter syndrome, looking to grow our skills and a focus on the improvement, or the uncomfortable nature of hearing praise....we have work to do!

Surround yourself with a circle of five. Find five leaders who, like you, are aspiring to do big things. Share with them what you are doing at work with those five in a trusted and safe environment - from goals to accomplishments, setbacks to opportunities.

Each day, to work we bring our ideals and beliefs, aspirations and fears. And there are certainly little and big victories that we have every week....and they should be acknowledged.

Notice. Notice it all. Take off the sunglasses and see those successes and share. If nothing else, look in the mirror and smile. You've done well.

Now do it again.

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