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It Matters That Women Run

Ran across this TED Talk from Halla Tomasdottir. She shared the photo below, taken in 1975, of fellow female Icelanders who went on strike. 90% of women participated and asked for equality and that day, they shut their country down.

Yes, of course they did.

And five years later her fellow Icelanders elected a single mother as their President, the first country in the world to democratically elect a woman leader. Studies done show a gap - a leadership gap - between women and men who run for office.

This isn't just an American issue. This is a leadership issue.

Our world needs male and female leaders.....but we need a good balance. We have to have more women running for office. Top to bottom. From the White House to the school board, from the mayoral positions to roles in our professional organizations.

Gender matters. It matters in media access. It matters in funding. It matters in biases, both conscious and unconscious. For when we talk about issues of equity and diversity in issues related to race and ethnicity, gender issues still exist.

We can change this, ladies. Run.

Run fast.

Run like a girl.

Want more? Watch Halla here - and be ready to be inspired.

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