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The Power of Showing Up

You've probably heard the famous Woody Allen phrase..."80% of success is just showing up." And as a leader of school district, I couldn't agree more!

Success can't possibly happen if you don't at least show up, walk in the door, be present both physically and emotionally, and engage. Your physical presence arrives and the energy of your being comes along with you. That's huge! Think about it.

Maybe the reason Allen's quote is so familiar is because we've had the experience of being around others who don't show up. Do your best, as a leader, to bring others to the table who show up. Encourage them to engage and remind them that the good they bring makes a difference in the organization, the district, the school community.

When you show up, you can bring an array of energies, from positive to neutral to negative, and all the nuanced ways that fall in between. Don't doubt the power of your presence in an office, on a team, in a staff room.

Even if you walk in feeling "blah" and not adding much to the environment, often times the positive energy of others (and you know who they are) can be enough to pick you up and help reframe your perspective. And if that's not enough, head to a kindergarten classroom. Chances are good a really positive teacher will be at the helm and the students can provide the pick-me-up.

You matter. Other people matter. When you show up, you are indirectly saying that you matter. It says a great deal to others when you arrive, be, and share yourself. It is especially beneficial for you and those around you when you show up and actually add something. Acknowledge that effort you bring forward. You make a difference.

Just. Show. Up.

And then take the rest slowly, one step, one move, one day at a time.

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