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A Difference When Led By Women?

Are companies different when led by women? Are school districts?

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that leadership teams dominated by females lead in a vastly different way. The women serve as role models for other women, helping them to see themselves in higher positions and also assisting with them achieving higher positions in companies. Not only do they represent a perspective on diversity, but they advocate for diversity of gender, thought, practice and overcoming biases.

Women have the unique ability to champion routes to move up in organizations. When they take on key leadership roles, the research shows more women move up into the top leadership positions. The companies they lead, in turn, pay more attention to the needs of women.....their viewpoints....their needs in the workplace.....their ability to be mentored. Sponsorships are often common in businesses, while mentoring may be options in school districts.

What women need to see is others ahead of them who are successfully maneuvering the job so they can envision themselves in those same roles. They need to observe the balance of work life and children, the responsiveness in meetings dominated by men, transitions in an organization. Carving out personal and family time may seem daunting to women trying to advance, but the ability to talk to someone who has successfully navigated the two inspires and supports those attempting the same.Save

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