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Why A Growth Mindset for Leaders?

Carol Dweck is infamous in her work with young people and her philosophy on a growth vs fixed mindset.

But how does it apply to adults? Leaders? Leaders need a growth mindset too.

When it comes to HIRING, we must all take on the work of mentoring and challenging our teachers, but our conversations and questions are those that need some reframing. Ask them about a challenge and how they addressed it. Ask them about something that failed and how they changed their instruction. Ask them how they acknowledge students for effort and accomplishments. That's how we change the mindset with our teachers.

Host LEARNING CONVERSATIONS. Find ways to have authentic chats with teachers, students and even parents around growth mindsets. How are they looking at progress? Effort? How do they overcome challenges and think through next steps in their work or even in their parenting. This is one instance where leadership from the top can make a huge difference.

See PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT as a way to expand mindsets and focus again on the growth - how can teachers or classified staff strengthen their individual skill sets? How are struggles and resiliency exemplified through their learning experiences?

Finally, POSITIVE SELF TALK is important, especially for leaders. We're challenged daily and our work is often in isolation if we are at school sites. How can we address our fears? Overcome obstacles? Often this is talking through issues with mentors and colleagues, but more often it is telling ourselves that we can do the work and that transitions are critically important.

Every new experience provides a chance to grow and learn....much the same way as our teachers and our students.Save

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