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What Did You Let Go Of That Changed Your Life?

I recently happened upon an article that had a very similar prompt....and it made me think. Really think.

I read the comments from those who were interviewed, their responses ranging from the poignant "I escaped an abusive marriage" and "alcohol" to the radical (yes, judgment call on my part) "all my possessions" and "television."

But when I thought of this question, I reflected back through close to 50 years of living and learning, leading and failing....and it was simple.

I let go of doing it all well.

Crazy, yes. It probably sounds a little simplistic, but I'm one of those women who....well, let me just say that isn't always liked by other women. For years and years, perhaps all the way back to college, I was often referred to as the one who could "do it all." But that wasn't the way I viewed myself.

Part of my lot in life was being born a Libra, or so some horoscopes said. It depended on the horoscope and whether I was the last day of Virgo or the first day of Libra. Regardless, that balance symbol akin to the Libra zodiac sign was what I would strive for, but elusive it was.

I'm really not about balance.

Balance, to me, really is about doing it all in a more even-keeled, consistent approach. Again....not me. I'm not as balanced as I'd like to be, but I gave up beating myself up about that over the years as well.

When someone now says that "you make it all look easy" or "you do it all so well", I respectfully but simply correct them. I don't do it all well. I don't portend to do it all well. I'm human and with the amount of responsibilities I've taken on, on any given day I don't do it all well.

But I'm okay with that.

And letting go of that rope has freed me up to be less than perfect and so very much more human!


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