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A Few Tips on Gratitude

As we head into 2018, have you made a resolution?

Okay...let's just call it a goal. Have you set any goals? If not, why not consider focusing on gratitude, especially if you are in the people business.

Our employees probably don't get enough thanks and appreciation and you might be able to change that. And while you are doing that, you may just be decreasing your turnover rate and increase retention amongst your employees.

Here are some phrases you might want to use to thank your staff...

* All bosses would be calm and cool if they had more staff members like you.

* How can I forget your commitment and dedication to our school district? I really value how you -----------.

* You really add value to our organization. My words can never truly praise you to the level that you perform.

* Our team holds you in high regard because you have created high benchmarks for others, thanks to your high quality work.

* I'm really proud to have you on our team. The project (explain) you just completed was a huge success and really deserves our appreciation.

* Thank you for your dedication. Your sincere customer service and commitment to helping others deserves the appreciation of everyone on our team.

Ready to give it a go? Whether on a note card or post-it, its up to you!

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