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Students Know Right from Wrong

Had the opportunity to happen upon a middle school classroom last week, presentations under way so I thought I'd stay.

And am I glad I did.

The students had been grouped into subgroups of about 4-5 students. Their task? Create a new country of your choosing with a myriad or rules intended to govern. What I loved about this particular group was their focus on the Presidency.

Analysis, they explained, would focus on deep scrutiny of their past, including social media postings. Each would be "fully vetted" for inappropriate posts and unethical behaviors.

Yes, I was impressed for a number of reasons. They really thought out their leadership, community structure, and rules they felt should govern. Their monetary and judicial systems? Well explained and rational. But the evaluation they designed for their future leader? It reminded me that they are watching. Oh boy, are they watching.

And you know what else? They know right from wrong. They have strong beliefs around leadership qualities their leaders should possess.

My, will we be in good hands in another 20 years!

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