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What Are Your Thoughts on Reflection?

Sometimes thinking long and hard can be cathartic, healing and productive. And when that reflection is on our work, our interactions, and how to do things differently, reflection has an incredibly powerful role.

The work that leaders do in public education is not easy.

Our jobs are terribly complex, a profession that deals with more bureaucracy than just about any other, but is also a "people profession."

Our job is to advance the learning of students. And when a job focuses heavily on people, there are always ways to respond, interact, and process differently. There is no one way to do any of our work.

I recently read an article by Maria Shriver, who has a weekly blog and focuses on topics ranging from politics to personal growth. She blogged on the power of reflection and what she thinks of when she reflects.

Specifically, she talked about the devastating impacts of Alzheimer's disease. Even though she is an ardent advocate for those who suffer from it, she thought about how she can still do more - how each of us can do more to be an advocate or to make a difference in our communities.

Reflection is such a critically important skill.

It's what allows us to keep in check our communication skills and our relationships with others. Most importantly, reflection allows us to better analyze a situation or an example, most commonly well after an event takes place. Sometimes that reflection makes sense to do with others who were there, while other times that little voice inside us provides enough validation that we handled things well....or could have done better.

Every mentor and colleague who has served as a role model for me has emphasized the importance of reflection. I hope you find a way to have it make its way into your days as well.

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