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A Coffee Break of Inspirational Leadership: It's About Perspective

Here we go, team. It's Monday! Up and at 'em.....

This week's thoughts surround perspective, and it has been a common topic for many of my colleagues and I recently. How do we put ourselves in the place to best understand our staff, our teachers, our parents, our other constituents. Understanding the perspective of others really is a key leadership skill.

Perspective is how we see the world and how we process what we encounter. For the most part, our past experiences impact how we process. I've often heard the tale, "If a parent comes in really hot, often the issue is something that they experienced as a student and they are likely projecting now."

And you know what? Nine times out of ten, I agreed with that. Perspective is most about how we understand situations from someone else's point of view. Whether broadening that skill for decision making or reflecting upon something that happened, it really does help us become effective leaders.

Are you ready to read a bit more? Watch a bit more? Share a little with others? Let's get started.....

Harvard Business Review hosts many fabulous articles, and this one on understanding others is one of the best I've read. From "showing you get it" to connecting with staff and parents, the suggestions and ponderings here are worth a look during your coffee break.

And feel free to pass this one on, or use it as a discussion point with a team in a meeting. What do you think? Read HERE.

Not a lot of videos make me really think...and I mean really think. When I first saw this video of Monica Lewinsky a year ago, I reflected upon her words over and over and over. Her perspective on her encounters and impact of time with President Bill Clinton is worth a watch.

  • Share It

Can you print these and share them? Notes to colleagues on key topics, such as perspective, make a huge difference.

Print in color on cardstock….practically free! Here are a couple to consider….and to give frequently. It’s up to us to remind others of their value of their perspectives, especially when they add them in meetings and in their daily work. Try these out for size…

Make it a great week!

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