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A Coffee Break of Inspirational Leadership: Know Your Worth

Here we go, team. It's Monday! Up and at 'em.....

This week's theme is one that is uber important - know your worth. As public school leaders, I sometimes think we lose sight of our value, of our worth and what we bring to the table. Do we take the time to sit back, reflect, and practice self-care and gratitude to think about our contributions and what we did to advance the needs of students? Let's face it - we probably haven't.

Similarly, as a female leader, I also struggle with the worth piece just as much as my friends, my colleagues, and those who have mentored me along the way. I put conditions on my worth, even now in different facets of my life. It often sounds something like this....

I'll be worthy when I accomplish XYZ.


I'll be worthy on this team when I'm able to do ABC.

And we put limits on what we do and the quality of that work, and not in a good way. It's that feeling that we have to constantly prove ourselves, even when we do not. Winning awards and gaining accolades are wonderful, don't get me wrong. But they do not define us.

Or they shouldn't.

So how do we flip it? How do we change that thinking?

Who is in your inner circle? Think about those key friends, colleagues, significant others who you can go to in a crisis for a solid ear and sound perspective. How can those individuals help you keep the balance and see the gifts you bring that you might lose sight of? Listen to what they say and then practice saying these words...

  • That's a great way to look at it

  • I never thought of it that way

  • You're right

  • Thank you for pointing that out

Don't let you work define your worth. You define your worth. And be kind to yourself while you do it because your expectations will always be unrealistic in the big scheme of things. Really. Don't underestimate yourself.

Are you ready to read a bit more? Watch a bit more? Share a little with others?

Let's get started.....

This is a great article with 11 phrases that intelligent people say daily, but let's put a little twist on it. These are phrases we should say to ourselves daily to provide insights and perspective to our work, our families, our personal conditions. What do you think?

Read HERE.

This is one of my favorite videos. I share it often, and often dry eyes are hard to find afterward. Are you someone's unsung hero? Do you really stop to see the value you bring and the fruits of your effort? Trust me. This is surely worth three minutes and five seconds of your time.

  • Share It

I love to take images that I find online and turn them into note cards. I take a blank powerpoint slide and put four images on a page so they are easy to size and cut down into note cards that fit into small envelopes. I then carry them around in my briefcase so I can write a note of gratitude any time I see something I want to acknowledge at work, or when I want someone to know they are appreciated.

Print in color on cardstock….practically free! Here are a couple to consider….and to give frequently. It’s up to us to remind others of their worth. To encourage. To support. Try these out for size…

Make it a great week!

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