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Resolution Over Yet? Try Vision Boards

This past week marks the time when New Year’s resolutions fall by the wayside. Did yours? I’ll admit that I haven’t bailed on mine yet because….I didn’t create any! Years ago, we’ll call it the “before kids” time in my life, I had goals. I’d write about that. Reflect about them. Talk about them to others, mostly because when you put them out there, they become real.

But over the years, I learned that setting goals wasn’t that effective in the way that resolutions are generally established. And there must be something to that because so many of my colleagues, friends, and Facebook acquaintances would say…..their resolutions were for not by the end of February, if not sooner.

If you Google terms like “New Year resolutions,” “keeping resolutions,” “how to achieve resolutions,” you’ll happen upon some wonderful prose and tips for success. But if you have to work that hard, do you really think it makes sense? Is there a better way?

What about big themes? What about focusing on improving certain areas of your personal and professional life as well as your health? Are those, perhaps, more interesting?

If so, may I introduce you to vision boards? They are a great alternative to the New Year’s resolutions and can sustain you when the former falls flat. This is the second year I’ve had a vision board and I was so inspired about the one I designed last year that I invited friends (and my twins) to work on them together this year.

We brainstormed what general areas of our lives we wanted to focus on. For example, mine included family, cooking, health and service. There were a few others, but I can’t give them all up! I recommended everyone stick to three or four, but being the overachieving Libra/Virgo that I am seeking more and balance simultaneously, six areas made sense this year.

Let’s take “health” for example – what three things could you do to improve your health? Some ideas might include:

– drink more water

– purchase more fruit

– identify 2-3 new recipes and perfect them

– read labels

– remember to stretch

– get an annual checkup with my doctor

– walk daily

Simple and doable, right? Just pick a few! They are much easier than “drink 8 glasses of water a day” or “get 8 hours of sleep.” Vision boards help you focus on a few things but aren’t as hard core as resolutions, or even the SMART goals we use at work.

Having a group of friends join you in the vision board creation is a fantastic way to build up the buy-in and support for your focus areas. On a recent run, one of my teammates gave us an update. One of her focus areas was financial and last week she met with a financial planner. So proud of her….and of our work together.

The other nice thing about vision boards is that you can start them at any time. They need not be a January thing. Now…what are you waiting for?

As with many things, there is a science to vision boards….meaning there is a science behind them and they actually do work. Read a bit more about them in this Huffington Post article.

Take a look and read it HERE.

Still want to stick with the old fashioned resolution? Here is a little help, courtesy of animation and a great writer.

Have a great week!

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