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A Coffee Break of Inspirational Leadership: Walking in our Stories

I've been reading and listening to a lot of Brene Brown as of late - whether the paperback Rising Strong that I've dog-eared the heck out of or my new Audible membership and learning how to bookmark those segments that just say WOW!

What I love about her work is how personable she is when she speaks, and how spot on she is with her messaging. Having been a long term researcher, she is very keen on sharing what extensive studies have noted....and those parallel what we profess as leaders in public education.

There is power in our stories.

And with that power comes the importance of sharing our stories and walking in them. Having led the legislative work with the Association of California School Administrators for four years at the state level (and three in my own regional area), we've always professed the value resulting and connections made when delving into the impacts of legislation on our districts, schools, staff and students. #tellourstories has been a mantra at every Legislative Action Day. And when we explain what life is like in classrooms on a given day to legislators who may not spend time in those rooms, we help them connect. We expand their understanding. Often, we deepen their empathy quotients.

But standing in our stories, as Brown shares, is much more. Sometimes when we get knocked down, have a setback, really struggle with a challenge, we go inside ourselves. Make sense. It's often a safe place where we can be protected from the criticism, hear only the voices in our heads and not those of the critics, be safe from the pain that others may being upon us. But when we take those stories and find ways to share them safely, we can recognize our own emotions and better connect with others.

Tell you what....the article below and the video help pain the picture of what the storytelling have to offer us.

Check this out. And...hey....happy Tuesday! It's a short week. Make the most of it.

Check out this article. Through Luke Skywalker and Yoda, its easier to understand the term "walking in our stories" and how we have a choice on what to take with us when we go from place to place, relationship to relationship. Never go without our stories, as they have shaped us into who we are.

* Watch It.

I find animated stories to be so much more helpful in landing the concepts. Maybe its the voices of the storytellers. Maybe its the pictures that clarify the thoughts. Whatever it is, this short two and a half minute video has a great message about the stories we tell ourselves. Thanks Scott Gornto.

* Share it.

Can you print these and share them? Notes to colleagues about stories and sharing. It's worth a shot, right? Now go slay yet another week.

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