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The Power of the Pack

I'm not going to apologize in advance that I'm going to talk about women in leadership. It's part of my mantra, and I'm also learning to STOP apologizing.

But I digress....

Over the last ten years or so since I started working to resurrect the Women's Leadership Network with the Association of California School Administrators (ACSA), the nation's largest administrative organization, I've learned a lot about leadership, women, challenges with women, lifting each other, and more.

I've learned how we empower and can make immeasurable differences in the way that women lead.

And I've watched as women have completely destroyed one another, often intentionally. And in the short run, I'm sure I'll have a lot more to say on this topic. A lot. Because I've been living it.

I recently ran across a quote that I just love and it looks something like this....

Our collective impact as women means we have a special power. When we team up and support, lift and encourage, mentor and coach, the competitive nature is channeled in a more positive, more meaningful way. As a matter of fact, we then see other women not as competition but as colleagues who we can learn from and grow with.

I know its hard. Women are much more apt to compare ourselves to others. We are more willing to see someone else's strengths, specifically in leadership, as a threat. And sometimes those threats, such as feeling someone might be out to undermine us or take our jobs, result in the making of really poor decisions. Instead, the shift needs to be toward that power of the pack perspective.

This is what current research shows: women who have a strong inner circle are more successful.

Hmmm...think about a leader who you admire and you'll know what this is about. Ask her about her circle, or perhaps you can see it in action. It's the "phone a friend" approach that adds some balance to the cultural and unconscious biases that we often encounter, especially if we are moving up the leadership ranks in an organization.


We have an uncanny ability to give each other private information about jobs and opportunities, insights into organizations that might help or hinder our progress. Let's call it the new "Girl's Club" approach. Ohhh.....I like it.

Interested in more of this? Check out the article below....keep reading!

Check this out. And...hey....happy Monday!

There really is science and research behind this "supporting each other" perspective. Harvard Business Review recently wrote about it and you can find out how the female network and support structure is imperative to our success as leaders.

Take a look and read it HERE.

* Watch It.

This TED Talk, available on YouTube, is laser focused on moving from sabotage to support. Really. Its spot on. 14 minutes. Check it out!

* Share it.

Can you print these and share them? Notes to colleagues to help inspire and encourage them.

Now go slay yet another week!

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