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It's About Being GUTSY Women

The word was first introduced in the 1890s, an iteration of guts which was intended to mean fortitude.

It has great synonyms like hardy, audacious, brave, and bold.

And of late, it has emerged as a phrase to acknowledge women who have taken on challenges. Think:

- a gutsy woman

- a gutsy move

I like thinking that gutsy means to challenge the status quo. Amelia Earhart. Rosa Parks. Kathrine Switzer. Women who take on the unthinkable. The challenging. The risky.

Found a book store on Black Friday and was thumbing through Hilary and Chelsea Clinton's latest, The Book of Gutsy Women. Yes, I bought it, both for my own edification and for my 14 year old twin girls. Regardless of your political beliefs, the book is about women.

It's about continued conversations that the mother and daughter have had over the years, much the same as those I have with my own daughters. Often in my car on the way to and from soccer games and practices, we talk frequently about overcoming challenges, resilience, bouncing back, working harder, not shirking with praise and compliments.

Gutsy, to me, is about doing right instead of being right. When you fight over the semantics of who needs to win the war of 'right' and move on to the actions, regardless of the argument, the faith in the act of making the needed difference is acknowledged.

I think of a dear friend who stood up to her rapist in court and continues to tell the tale. If that's not gutsy, I don't know what is. Gutsy is the mother of twins that I know who stood up and reported an abusive spouse, leaving her to raise her children alone on a very small income. Gutsy is about standing up to harassment as a whistleblower at work and coming out on the other side stronger and able to better seek justice. Gutsy is about my 14 year old, barely 100 pound daughter going out for and becoming the kicker on the football team.

Gutsy comes in all shapes and sizes, thank goodness. And we all have it in us.

Come join us in the gutsy journey.

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