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Prioritizing You in 2020

Alright. The reflection on 2019 is done and you're ready to move into 2020 with a bang. One great way to get the most out of 2020 is to prioritize yourself.

Yes, this year is about YOU, YOU, YOU!

When's the last time you spent time thinking about you, your feelings, your successes, your strengths, and really celebrated you? Did you find you learned anything from the year past that can help jettison you into 2020?

And before you answer any of those, did you take the time to appreciate you. Plain and simple. I'll admit - I don't do this as much as I need to. I'm very critical on myself, which I am sure I share with many of you. As a leader, I always want to be the best I can be, but allowing myself the ability to make mistakes, be patient myself, and see the journey as a learning experience are all areas that I continue to highlight.

In my 50s, my improvement in these areas is very noticeable, but I still need the reminders time and time again:

- treat myself the way I'd treat a friend

- be okay with feeling really great and not feeling guilty about it

- realizing that moving forward and giving myself 'do over' opportunities is what I'd want for my own daughters, and I deserve it too

- reflection is an opportunity to gain clarity and not shame myself

While you think about YOU YOU YOU in 2020, I'll be doing the same for me. I'll find the time to celebrate me. I'll take on great challenges and rely on my network for support because asking for support is perfectly human. I'll bring those along on my journey that will help match my energy and zest for giving and growing.

How will YOU YOU YOU prioritize you in 2020?

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