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Spilling The Coffee Isn't Always Bad

You’re walking down the hall at work, having just left the break room where you grabbed a piping hot mug of java, topped off with your favorite vanilla creamer.

A bit preoccupied with thoughts of an upcoming meeting, you accidentally hit the side of the entrance to your office door, having cut the corner a bit too tightly. Oh crud! Why did you spill the coffee? Because you ran into the wall?

Wrong answer.

You spilled the coffee because you had coffee in your cup. Whatever you have inside the cup is what will spill, be it water, tea, wine….

Think carefully about what you have in your cup. When things get tough, when you walk into the proverbial ‘wall’, what spills out? Will it be your humility, grace, sense of humor?

Or will it be anger, frustration, and negativity?

Life gives you the cup, you fill it. Make sure that you fill your cup with gratitude, strength, love, and a sense of positivity. Laugh at yourself and don’t take yourself OR life too seriously.

We all have a choice. Choose wisely. And next time you’re at work, having filled up a cup of something, glance at it a second time and remember that you have options.

And….be grateful for the cup.

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