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Experiences in Leadership

The videos below are from Fall 2017 when Dr. Lisa Gonzales, in her role as President of the Association of California School Administrators, interviewed candidates for California Superintendent of Public Instruction.
Dr. Gonzales started and chaired ACSA's Fatal School Violence Task Force in 2018, a group that created a toolkit to help school leaders prepare for, prevent, and respond to acts of violence against their schools. A School Safety Webinar was hosted by Dr. Gonzales and colleagues Rick Fitzpatrick (Superintendent - Corning Union Elementary School District) and ACSA Governmental Relations staffer Ivan Carrillo in December 2018. This video can be used by schools and districts to help support staff in their work with staff, students, and families.

Dr. Gonzales has been very involved in the work around releasing more of the Prop 51 bond dollars approved by the voters in Fall 2016 to fund school construction. Her keen interest stems from the  $28M in funding owed to her own district, Dublin Unified. 


Leading with Videos

In Fall 2014, Dr. Gonzales and TICAL cadre colleagues designed a website to support leadership. The site, VIDEOS TO INSPIRE, hosts more than 175 videos that educators can use to inspire, motivate, educate and add a little lighter note to meetings and events.


The group took their website on the road in late 2014 and have now presented at more than a dozen state and national conferences to help educators use videos to enhance their work. Enjoy some of the recommended videos below.























 Videos to Inspire
Videos to Motivate
Videos for Leadership
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