Workshop Presentations

Branded Ohio
Presentation to Ohio Superintendent Learning Academy
April 2019
School Violence Toolkit
Workshop presented at Every Child Counts, February 2019
Fatal School Violence Toolkit
Presented at the ACSA Leadership Summit, November 2018
Region 14 Advance - Engagement
Presentation at ACSA R16 Advance - all things ACSA and engaging members, Aug 2017
Getting to the Real You
ACSA Region 7 conference
Am I Enough?
Keynote presentation - ACSA Region 16 Conference, May 2016
Leadership Lessons Through Videos
Presented at ACSA regions in Summer 2017
Using Tech to Balance Life/Career
Workshop presented at the ACSA Region 16 Women's Conference, 2018
How Leaders Manage Mindfulness
Amador Charter Presentation - September 2017
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