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Moonshot Thinking....and Leadership

President Barack Obama recently launched a new initiative, a launch of "moonshot" to cure cancer. Leading the initiative will be Vice President Joe Biden.

And while moonshot may be his term, it brings to mind a video I've used for years, as have many colleagues in educational leadership - Moonshot Thinking.

What I love about this video is the focus of problem solving. How do you take a challenge, often a significant one if you contemplate space travel and ramifications on human life, and find radical solutions? How do you throw away the box and really push the limits of human creativity?

Certainly space travel and life implications are from what we experience in our day to day worlds of public education, the concept of thinking that far out of the box to close achievement gaps, think differently about the implications of technology, and how we can manage our schools and districts in a more innovative way (while still abiding by collective bargaining and education codes) is entirely possible, but not always so easy to do.

Culture shift. A little moonshot thinking will help.

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