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Think You Can't Meet That Goal?

Think again!

As we come close to the end of January, we're almost a month into New Year's resolutions. Goals. Okay, whatever you call them. Fall off the wagon already? Need a little motivation? Inspiration?

Think Big! Big, bold goals can get us off the sofa....out of our offices....out and about on our school sites challenging others and ourselves.

Remember to share those big goals with others, as when we verbalize, we make them real and others help hold us accountable.

Take Risks! Those goals may be lofty, but why not? Try those that are on your list that are those stretch ones that require risks. And if you fall short, guess what? You ended up further than you would have if you hadn't set the goal.

Check in with Mentors. What? You don't have one? Look around you. Who is an expert? Who can you learn from? Connect and soar. Use them to inspire and support you along the way.

Set a Plan. Let's take a marathon, for example. (I know, you're thinking to yourself, "is this woman crazy?" and the answer is yes, but go with it for a minute). You can't possibly reach lofty, risky goals with no road map for where you're headed. A plan, even sloppily laid out, is better than just winging it. And after you get that mentor, s/he will tell you the same thing, so get moving on that last step to hit this one.

Finally....Celebrate Along the Way. Acknowledging your hard work is the way to move forward. Trust me. It's worth it.

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