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Padlet for School Leadership

Ever used Padlet?

If the answer is no, think again. Padlet is an easy but effective approach to collecting, displaying and sharing information. It is an online message board - think allowing people to put post-its on a webpage. There's both an app or you can simply go to the webpage and sign up for a free account.

Another perk? They don't really send you emails. Okay, maybe one or two a year and I've had my account for at least five years. And its easy. Did I mention its easy?

Here are a few considerations:

Notetaking in a meeting. You or everyone in the room could add notes as a meeting is taking place, collectively taking the notes and keeping a running record of agreements and discussions.

Staff meeting agendas. Need a place to put an agenda? Want to have others help you design the content of that meeting? Look no further. Padlet is a great way to group think.

Brainstorm. Let's face it. You can only use Post-its and affinity group so many times. Create a Padlet and let everyone weigh in. Just share the URL and you're good to go.

Exit ticket after an event or training. Need a great way to capture what just took place at a professional development training? Use Padlet to gather that "take away" Exit tickets aren't just for kids any longer.

Site or department communication. Padlet does a great job of just keeping one's notes. Its an effective way to house videos, links, articles, and more.

Tap into prior knowledge. Getting ready to meet with a group? Send them a Padlet link ahead of time with a prompt to tap into what they know prior to the meeting so you can more effective jump into the unknown.

Solicit input. Parents at a PTA meeting? Thinking about what parent education to offer the following year? Send out the URL to all the school's parents in advance with some general parameters of how to respond and what an appropriate response is and see it take off. Review the responses in the meeting.

Look! Its a school newsletter! Need a different way to look at a school newsletter? Try putting it in a Padlet, including dates, times, videos, photos, articles and pretty much anything else you might want to share.

Book discussion. Padlet is a a superb answer to how to discuss a book or article, with staff, parents, or a PLC.

Sign up for projects. Think about Padlet as your technology jack of all trades. Its super effective for just about anything, including signing up for tasks needed to be completed for Back to School Night or the annual Walk-a-thon.

Not convinced yet? Did I mention that its super easy? How about the flexibility to easily change the background and personalize the artistic nature? Still not convinced? Will the word "fun" do it for you, because Padlet is just that.

Try it. Really. Try it.

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