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An Activist for a Better World

Having recently read and blogged about John Maxwell's newest publication, Intentional Living, I'm even firmer in my commitment to the concept of making a difference.

Yet, I've put a bit of a twist on it. It's more than just wanting to make a difference in the world but focuses on being a leader who makes a difference.

Maxwell's book focuses on four main concepts:

- want to make a difference

- do something that makes a difference

- with people who want to make a difference

- at a time that makes a difference

Running across this short video snippet by Jody Williams, created almost two years ago hits on some of those same points. Despite much of the negativity out there around the presidential election and candidate bashing, there is still a pretty great world out there.

But it's a world that needs our commitment. Our compassion. Our leadership.

Wouldn't you agree?

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