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Unleashing Your Happy-ness

Ever intentionally thought about happiness? Being happy at work, at home, in your community work? Its a topic I've worked through over the years, especially when I was a Superintendent and served in an area where we needed a little less stress and a little more happy.

I led parents through an online study of happiness, via UC Berkeley's happiness project (more info below). The goal was to help parents bring more happiness and balance into their homes. Fast forward to life as a busy parent myself - same thing. How do you focus activities and conversations in your home on topics that enable more happiness on a daily basis?

What can you in your life to tweak some things and add more joy? A few of the little things I do?

- get a bunch of sunflowers from Trader Joe's every Sunday to greet my week ahead - its a $4.30 purchase that brings a week of happiness

- send a note to a friend via snail mail - its the gift that keeps on giving

- that special song on your iPod/smartphone

- reaching out to a friend to check in and say hi

- sending a text note to my children in the middle of the day to check in and remind them they are loved

And there really is something about pulling out the almond butter container and strawberry jelly, and going at it with a spoon. Yes, it might add 150 calories to my day, but it makes me happy.

The act of stopping what we're doing, especially when crazy busy or glued to our cell phones, is a great way to bring a little more happiness into our lives...and it benefits others too. Those in-the-moment pleasures boost our productivity and appreciation as well.

More below. And...hey....happy Monday!

University of California, Berkeley, has a Greater Good Science Center that focuses on happiness. There are online courses you can explore and even use in your school district with parents. Sounds like a great idea? It is. I used it once as a "book study" of sorts. Check out what they have to offer, including resources.Take a look and read it HERE.

When I first saw this film, it was one that touched my heart. I love how Will Smith cares so much, tries so hard, and finds a way to make a difference in his own life and that of his son. Check out the ending scene.

* Share it.

Can you print these and share them? Notes to colleagues on key topics like happiness, gratitude, you go.

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