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What Is Your Hope?

I just love this time of year. A new school year is ready to begin.

And as we welcome back new staff and new students, a certain sense of hope is all around us. Every August and September feels like a "do over."

We get another year to make a difference. We had high hopes and aspirations last year, but if we fell just a little short, this new year is yet another opportunity to leap high....and reach those goals.

As the staff and students trickle in over the next few weeks, maybe you want to ask them....

What is your hope?

And for your staff - what is their hope for their students?

Their answers might inspire you. But before that happens, in case you aren't so sure this is a good idea, watch this and think again.

Leaders....this is your do-over. This is your chance to build hope. This is your opportunity to make a greater difference.

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